Build Showcase

Not sure what to create with your LMU Build domain? Check out these creative projects made by LMU students, faculty, and staff for some inspiration.

Danniel Sumarkho Portfolio

Mouzakis Lab by Katie Mouzakis

Erin Kaplan Research & Teaching Site

SFTV Virtual Theater by Rory Walsh

Contact by Teresa Ueunten

Whisper of the Willows by Ben Lyons

The Lion Lounge by Alexander Thurnher

REACT Lab by Brendan Smith

Space by Holly Scherner

Photonics Lab by Hossein Asghari

Mathew Martini Portfolio

Teresa Ueunten Portfolio

The Lion by Tara Pixley

Interactive Visual Poem by Matt Goddard

Ramadan Lanterns by Yara Aynousah

Alissa Crans Research and Teaching Site

Andrew Forney Research & Teaching Site

Tree of Life by Olivia Baer