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Welcome to LMU Build!

To claim your free lmu.build domain, click the Get Started button above and log in with your MYLMU credentials.

You will then be able to choose your domain name and start exploring all the options available to you FTP, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Drupal, Wikis, and much, much more!

The only limit to what you can create is your imagination.

Acceptable Use Policy

All LMU Build users are expected to use campus resources appropriately and in adherence to the Acceptable Use Policy. Among other things, you cannot use your lmu.build domain to:

      • Participate in hacking, planting viruses, and other blackhat activities
      • Sell products or otherwise benefit commercially from your domain
      • Commit illegal acts including copyright infringement and harassment


ITS will do its best to help support your lmu.build domain, but we will be unable to provide support for all the applications available.

We have also gathered a number of Lynda.com resources to help you out. Learn more on the LMU Build Support page.

The default “name.lmu.build” web address allows for a variety of projects on your site. Faculty and staff using the site strictly for academic work – which will be subject to legal discovery and accessibility laws, may request a special alias address for their site: “name.sites.lmu.edu”. The site name must be identifiable to you and examples of acceptable requests include: iggylion.sites.lmu.edu, ilion.sites.lmu.edu, and ilionresearch.sites.lmu.edu. You will use the Build platform as usual, but you will be able to advertise both “name.sites.lmu.edu” and “name.lmu.build” publicly as your web addresses. To make this request, please email helpdesk@lmu.edu with the address of your Build site.